Bring Energy & Joy to Your Work or Home Space

After clearing our house with Christine there is a lot more peace in our house. My little boy no longer feels afraid to go to bed at night and the house feels more like home.

- N. and V.; California

The space you live and work in affects your energy, clarity, health and abundance.

I see your space as a blank canvas: one that we can both optimize and embellish for you. 

We can transform your home, office or yard into a sacred space of healing, abundance and joy!

Energy Healing

What is that?

Heal your space so that it works for you!

Nature and architecture create vortexes and energy flows that we can amplify to help bring in creativity, motivation and abundance.

At times, spaces require healing. Vortexes may hold negativity, or the energy may be stagnant.  

We have all walked into a space that just leaves you feeling drained. 


Did you know that with the strategic placement of a few crystals, plants or sacred images we can transform your space completely?

Living Room

I can not believe how Christine was able to detect mould that I tried to cover up with paint, and mould that I did not even know about in our attic!  I feel much safer at home now that I have cleaned up the mould and the leak in our house".

- C.M., Nevada

Grey Sofa

Via a virtual or live walk-through of your living or office space, I am able to help you bring life, light, joy and abundance to all who either live or work there.

I will heal and clear heavy energy, recommend crystals, plants or images that will help balance your space, and perform an intention setting and blessing for each room.

The sessions typically take 60 - 90 minutes for me to complete.

Once we have finished the healing, I am happy to shop for all of the items that you may need to keep your space in its highest vibration!

Ready to feel good again in your space?